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Our Mission 

The mission of the Elisabetta Renzi Child Development Center is to provide a loving, caring, Christian environment for children whose parents work away from home. The Center is owned and administered by the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows. As a result, Gospel values play a big role in the life of the Center, mindful that education without some knowledge of God is not complete. The concern of the Center is to educate the whole child; spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

​We believe in giving the child the freedom to explore and experience in a rich, stimulating environment, with guidance from the teachers and staff trusted by the child. The child will learn eagerly, led by his or her own natural curiosity and desire to understand the world. Through a wide variety of play experiences and group interactions, the child will acquire a repertoire of skills that will be a preparation for the tasks of formal education. The child will also make the most important educational discovery of all - that learning can be fun and exciting.

​We further believe that these activities should be developmentally appropriate, suited to the level of the child’s skill and maturity. This will enable the child to succeed at whatever she or he attempts, building a strong self-image and confidence in the world around.

The future of the child is based on the experiences of his or her early years, therefore we believe in helping the child to:

  • feel good about oneself

  • realize a sense of worth

  • see joy in the goodness and beauty of the world

  • have the ability to trust others

  • give of oneself through sharing and helping

  • recognize the rights and needs of other persons

Our aspiration is that the children entrusted to us will acquire these attitudes toward themselves, the world, and others.


May God bless you,

The Sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady of Sorrows

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