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Elisabetta Renzi (1786-1859) founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows in Coriano, Italy in 1839.  The sisters came to Louisiana in 1949 and worked in several parochial schools, in a boys’ home in Cottonport and with mentally disable clients.  In 1991, they opened in Shreveport the Elisabetta Renzi Child Development Center, to continue their educational charism and offer their services to the little ones in the southern area of Shreveport which was developing very fast.

Therefore, the mission of the Elisabetta Renzi Child Development Center is to provide a loving, caring, Christian environment for children whose parents work away from home. The Center is owned and administered by the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows. As a result, Gospel values play a big role in the life of the Center, mindful that education without some knowledge of God is not complete. The concern of the Center is to educate the whole child; spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

Director - Rachel Simar

Assistant Director - LaRisha Brossie

Center Mentor - Sr. Anahi Martinez

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