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Our program provides ample space and opportunities for gross motor development for our toddlers. We consider the classroom and outdoors to be an integral part of our program. Time outside will be provided daily, weather permitting. Our classrooms contain age and height appropriate equipment for active play such as:

  • Steps

  • Slides

  • Riding toys

  • Crawling or climbing areas

  • Toys to push and pull.

Toddlers are also continuing the process of developing fine motor control; such as precise finger movements and hand-eye coordination. Manipulative toys that are provided to help with fine motor control are: nesting boxes and cubes, pounding benches, blocks to stack and put in and out of containers, simple puzzles, bead mazes, chalk and crayons for scribbling, and similar materials.

​We also believe that it is important to encourage a love of reading and music. Children are more often to read simple stories and have books available to look at. Music is also an important part of our toddler program. Learning simple songs and finger plays is yet another way to foster language development, and developing a sense of rhythm is an important step in mastering the rhythms of language.  

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