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The goal of the three and four year old program is to foster the physical, intellectual, and social growth of the children. This is accomplished by providing them with a great variety of materials and guidance, as well as encouraging them to engage in increasingly complex social interactions, both with other children and adults.

The day is divided between whole group, smaller groups, individual instruction and free play.

Group Time: This is the time when the children are all doing something together, such as listening to a story, learning a song, playing a game with colors, or talking about a common experience. In group time, the children begin to learn social interaction skills: to listen, to take turns, and to share “center stage” with other children. It is also an important time for developing language skills and learning new concepts.

Free Play: This is the time during which the children are allowed to choose, within limits set by the teacher, what they would like to do. It gives the children opportunities for decision making, and for self-expression, the chance to feel responsible and independent, to be in control of a part of their day.

During free play, the children choose from various types of activities organized in centers. Each center provides a particular kind of learning through play, which include:

  • Blocks

  • Dramatic Play

  • Manipulative

  • Art

  • Language and Listening

  • Sand and Water/ Sensory Table

  • Science  and Outdoor Play

  • Math

  • Writing

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